UMBRELLA is a joint project between South Gloucestershire Council and Toshiba, with the backing of West of England Combined Authority and Local Enterprise Partnership. This is a wiki page containing information for both users and developers on the platform. Use the left-hand navigation bar to select a relevant topic, or continue reading!

The purpose of the UMBRELLA project is to provide an open, real world platform for the testing and evaluation of innovative ideas in the fields of robotics, wireless communication and open smart city applications. Further to this, UMBRELLA will develop a community spanning citizens, researchers and industry to support and drive innovation in the South West of England and beyond.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 is driving the next generation industrial revolution. The speed of IIoT adoption will depend on the availability of skills, readiness of technology as well as access to real world testing.

There is therefore a need for advanced, future-looking, digital testbeds that are accessible to academia, local authorities and businesses. These will create a bridge between lab development and commercial deployment and a collaborative platform enabling academia, technical and application developers to de-risk solutions and to explore new business models.

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